24 February 2010

Be Open to Opportunity

Does the thought, "I could never do that" ever cross your mind?

Or,  "Am I good enough?"

Or perhaps, "Why me?"

This has often crossed my mind. I got into the mindset of thinking that I couldn't before I even tried. In high school, I was often timid about trying things - trying out for basketball, trying out for a part in the musical (as dance ensemble), or running for student government. Often, my mind what wrapped around these questions.

"Why would anyone pick me?"

It held me back in so many ways. I actually closed myself off from these opportunities, and now that I think back, I'm wondering what life would be like if I was more open to opportunity. If I had had more confidence in myself back then.

But confidence is half the battle.

And even though I had a strong support system at home, with a family of personal cheerleaders, it was my personal confidence that was shaky.

I think it was when I embarked on my own in a foreign country that I figured out that I had to suck it up and just do it. If I was ever going to do anything, I just had to do it. Be open to opportunity.

It was slow going at first. Some friends planned a trip to the Czech Republic and the little voices in my head somehow held me back. I gave myself reasons why I shouldn't go. I gave myself excuses. And instead of going to Prague (granted it was a coooold winter), I stayed in town and explored two smaller cities alone. I kind of wish that I had gone.

But as the year went on, I learned to be more open to opportunity. I took some karate lessons and quickly learned that I felt totally ridiculous doing karate. In other words, I learned that it was not my forte.

I took a trip with friends to Vienna. We decided since we were already in Vienna (after a 21-hour bus trip!) we should go see Budapest. So we did. And we found a family that rented out rooms as a mini hostel and on top of that, we sneaked into the orchestra pit of the Budapest National Opera House. I'm not even kidding. Part of me was paranoid that the guards were going to get us (they had big guns, and by guns I mean things that shoot bullets), but I followed my fearless friend Elana, and we looked out into the Opera House. It was an amazing ten seconds.

And all this was possible because I became more open to opportunity.

So what if you turned those earlier questions upside down and said, "Why not me?"

I could.

I can.

Why not try?

Since moving to Dallas, I've let this become my motto. I've had to build an entirely new base of friends and colleagues from scratch. Without knowing a soul. And it wouldn't be possible if I wasn't open to new opportunities. Open to meeting people. Open to chances.

I'm not saying jump blindly into opportunities. But I am saying to consider them. Think about it. Will it cause any harm? Or will it add good to your life?

You never know what opportunity may change your life.

Help you find your joie de vivre.

Be bold. Be brave.

Try new things.

Meet new people.

Be open.

Merci a tous,


  1. Catie,
    I just have to tell you what an amazing, inspiring woman I think you are! I am so blessed to know you!

  2. You have channeled my inner fears and made them a whole lot less scary. If anything it’s good to know I’m not alone in constantly feeling like I’m going to fail. Great Blog Catie.


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