19 February 2010

Friday Night Reflections: Step 5

Yay, this blog is just over a month old! And it's been a fun journey so far.

So for today's Friday Night Reflection, I'm piggybacking off of yesterday's post on "Pursue Happiness" and thinking about what makes me happy.

What makes you happy? What/who do you love?

I love simple things.

My husband.

My family.

My friends.



Red Velvet Cake.

Beignets from Cafe du Monde.



La vie francaise. The French life.

Salade Lyonnaise. Specialty salad with bacon, poached egg, and vinaigrette from Lyon, France. My favorite salad on earth!

Crepes. Crepes with Nutella and bananas. Mmmm.

The metro. Or the subway in New York.


Photography. Photographing people.


Deep conversations.


What do you love?

Write it down. Let stream of consciousness flow. You might be surprised what you come up with. And maybe a step closer to your joie de vivre.

Bon week-end!

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