27 February 2010

Friday Night Reflections: Saturday Edition

What opportunities do you have?

What could you be doing?

What do you wish you were doing?

I had a recent comment from someone who wanted to start writing again. To that I say, start writing. In a journal. On a blog. In a notebook or pieces of scrap paper. But just make sure you are writing. Everyday. Even for a few minutes, but practice your craft.

The same thing goes for photography. If you have a camera, learn how to use it. Practice. Practice. Practice. Share photos with others.

Or for music or singing. Do it. And do some more.

I think sometimes the hardest part is doing it. Doing whatever it is that we want to do. For fear of criticism. For fear of being questioned. For fear of not being supported in your endeavors.

Trust me, I know there's nothing scarier than speaking your dreams out loud. It's almost as if saying it out loud makes it real. But it's true. And I think that the more you make it known (even if it's only to your inner circle) what you want to do or be doing, it will make it easier to get there.

So, what's your opportunity to do what you want to be doing?

Bon week-end!

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