18 February 2010

Pursue Happiness

I think this should be a motto.


Pursue Happiness.

Go in the directions of the life you've always wanted, even if the steps are little. I was talking to a new friend today about this. She just finished her residency for medical school, but also loves photography. She's decided to pursue happiness and only work part time as a doctor, and go towards building a photography business.

I commended her choices. She made a decision. One that I'm sure was not made lightly.

She chose happiness.

And in a world where it's so easy to choose money, notoriety, status (or whatever you want to call it), it can be hard to see why anyone would let go of a "set" life.

She has tapped into her joie de vvire. It's not necessarily medicine. But she is a doctor.

Pursue happiness.

I'm not saying to shirk responsibilities - bills, mortgages, jobs, etc. But find what it is that makes you excited and start taking the steps to dig deeper. Explore it. Does it make you happy? What can you do to add happiness to your life?

Because sometimes, I think while we may be running around trying to get our lives and our money straight, it's easy to neglect our spirits. Are we happy with what we're doing? If not, what can you do to make it better?

How can you get to your joie de vvire?

Pursue it. Find happy.

Merci a tous,

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  1. i agree! there is a way to take responsibility while chasing your dreams :)


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